Grammar Crammer - Level 5 - CEFR B2

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ESL students can learn English with lessons featuring 25 audio conversations about grammar points.

01 Coordinating Conjunctions
01 Coordinating Conjunctions
Short talks with FANBOYS

02 Subordinating Conjunctions
02 Subordinating Conjunctions (1)
Short talks with time words

03 Subordinating Conjunctions
03 Subordinating Conjunctions (2)
Short talks giving reasons

04 Subordinating Conjunctions
04 Subordinating Conjunctions (3)
Short talks using conditionals

05 Correlative Conjunctions
05 Second Conditional
Listen to four short conversations.

1247 Work from Abroad
06 Adjective Clause
Where's the party?

1247 Work from Abroad
07 Noun Clause
Four short conversations

1247 Work from Abroad
08 Projected Speech
Hear for three short conversations

1247 Work from Abroad
09 Present Perfect - Time
A change reunion with old friends.

1247 Work from Abroad
10 Past Conditional
People talk about regrets.

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