Grammar 5 | Intermediate | CEFR B2

Noun Clauses / Relative Adverbs

Listen to four conversations using noun clauses and relative adverbs.
Conversation #1

Man: Do you know why the meeting was postponed?
Woman: Yes, we need a room where we can use a projector.
Man: What about the place where we had the party?
Woman: What party?
Man: You know, the party when Kevin got promoted.
Woman: Oh, yeah. That will work.

Conversation #2

Man: So, what part of town do you live in?
Woman: I live on the far west side of town.
Man: Oh, is it nice over there?
Woman: It's OK. It has a few places where you can unwind.
Man: Oh, really. For example?
Woman: Well, there's a park where you can just relax.
Man: I think I know about that place. It's a popular place when the leaves change color.
Woman: Yes, that's the place.

Conversation #3

Man: Why is David not here today?
Woman: Good question. I don't know why he's not here.
Man: Well, it's a bad sign when he's gone.
Woman: Why do you say that?
Man: Because those are the days when we get really busy.
Woman: Geez. I hope not!

Conversation #4

Woman: Where should we go for dinner tonight?
Man: Let's go somewhere where we can watch the game.
Woman: Watch the game! I hate having dinner when there's a game on.
Man: Really, why?
Woman: Because you watch the game and we don't talk much.
Man: Fair enough. We'll go someplace where I won't be distracted. I'll check the score when I get home.
Woman: Thanks. I appreciate that.

Relative Adverbs

Point 1: Relative adverbs (when, where, why) act as adverbs. They connect clauses to verb phrases.
  1. Give me a time when you are free.
  2. Please tell me the reason why you did that.
  3. We ate at a diner where you cook your own food.
Point 2: Use when to define a time something happens.
  1. Evenings are a time when I relax.
  2. Do you know a time when he is free?
  3. He gave me a list of when the court is available.
  4. Do you know the date when he will be here?
Point 3: Use where to define the place something happens.
  1. I want to go to a place where it is quiet.
  2. It is a nice cafe where you can unwind.
  3. I went to a shop where they sell rare clothes.
  4. Is there a park where I can walk my dog?
Point 4: Use why to define a reason.
  1. This is (the reason) why you need to be careful.
  2. Can you tell me (the reason) why he said that?
  3. I don't know (the reason) why.
  4. I want to know (the reason) why you are late.
Answer the following questions about the interview.