Grammar 5-09 | Intermediate | CEFR B2

Present Perfect - Time

Listen to four conversations using the present perfect to refer to actions over time.

Conversation #1
Man: Has Bob arrived yet?
Woman: No, he hasn’t gotten here yet?
Man: Has anyone tried to call him?
Woman: I don’t think anyone has.
Man: Maybe he has overslept.
Woman: Or maybe he’s forgotten there’s a meeting.

Conversation #2
Man: Have you sent the report?
Woman: No, I haven’t.
Man: Why haven’t you finished?
Woman: I haven’t had time to check the spelling.
Man: Have you finished writing it?
Woman: Yes, I have. Almost done!

Conversation #3
Man: How long have you known Joe?
Woman: I’ve known him since high school.
Man: Wow! That’s a long time.
Woman: Yeah, we have been best friends for a while.
Man: Have you seen him recently?
Woman: No, I haven’t seen him for some time.

Conversation #4
Man: Nice sweater. I haven’t seen it before.
Woman: Oh, this old thing. I’ve had it forever.
Man: How come you haven’t worn it very much?
Woman: Well, it has been too hot to wear it.

Present Perfect - Recent Changes

Point 1: We often use the present perfect to discuss status of actions that need to be done.
  • Have you finished the report yet?
  • No, I have not finished yet. / No, not yet.
  • Have you even started?
  • Yes, I already started. / Yes, I have
Point 2: We use the particle yet in the questions and negative forms to show an action is time sensitive.
  • Have you eaten yet?
  • No, I haven't eaten yet.
  • Has he left yet?
  • Not yet. He will leave soon.
Point 3: We also use the word already in the question and affirmative forms to show an action is time sensitive.
  • Have you already eaten?
  • Yes, I've already eaten.
  • Have you already started?
  • Yes, we already have.
Point 4: Both the present perfect and the simple past can be used to discuss the status of recent events.
  • Have you finished the report yet?
  • Yes, I've finished it.
  • Did you finish the report yet?
  • Yes, I finished it.
Answer the following questions about the interview.