Grammar 2-04 | False Beginner | CEFR A1

Articles and Determiners

Listen to four short conversations using articles and determiners.

Conversation #1
Man: Do you have a pen I can use?
Woman: No, but I have a pencil.
Man: Thanks. Do you have an eraser?
Woman: The pencil has an eraser.
Man: Great. And some paper?
Woman: My gosh, you don’t have anything!

Conversation #2
Man: Would you like a sandwich?
Woman: I would love a sandwich.
Man: And some chips?
Woman: Some chips sounds lovely.
Man: And a drink?
Woman: I’m OK. I have a water.

Conversation #3
Man: How do you like your new house?
Woman: It’s nice. It has a kitchen, a big bedroom and a nice bathroom.
Man: Do you have a yard?
Woman: No, but I have a patio.
Man: Nice, do you have a good view?
Woman: No, there is a building next door.

Conversation #4
Man: Did you like the book?
Woman: Yes, I loved the ending.
Man: Really, I thought the ending was not that good.
Woman: No way! The surprise at the end was great.
Man: Did you like the characters?
Woman: Yes, I liked everything about it.


Point 1: Determiners (a, an, the, some) come before nouns and give nouns added meaning.
  1. I bought a hat.
  2. I bought an old hat.
  3. I bought the hat.
  4. I bought some hats.
Point 2: We use a / an when we introduce a singular noun. We use an if the noun or adjective starts with a vowel sound.
  1. I have a bike.
  2. I have a new bike.
  3. I have an apple.
  4. I have an old bike.
Point 3: We use some to introduce an uncountable noun or plural noun.
  1. I have some pain in my arm.
  2. She has some money for me.
  3. We have some pets.
  4. I made some cookies.
Point 4: We use the when the speaker and listener both know what is being discussed.
  1. I got the drinks for the party.
  2. I like the new cafe.
  3. When is the meeting?
  4. Who is the new guy at work?
Answer the following questions about the interview.