Grammar 2-01 | False Beginner | CEFR A1

Be - Simple Present

Listen to the verb BE in the present simple as Todd talks about family.

My Family

Aimee: Hey Todd, tell me about your family?

Todd: Well, my family is very nice. There are five people in my family: my mom, my dad, my two sisters and myself.

Aimee: Nice. Are you the oldest?

Todd: I am the youngest child, but I am an adult now. I am 45 years old.

Aimee: So tell me about your sisters?

Todd: My sisters are both married. They are both mothers too. My oldest sister is Karie. She is a manager for a company.

Aimee: And what about your other sister?

Todd: Michele is my other sister. She is the middle child in the family? She is an office worker. They are both nice, but they are both busy with their families.

Aimee: And what about your mom?

Todd: My mom is the leader of the family. She is retired now. She is a great cook. I love her home cooking. Her meals are very delicious.

Aimee: How about your dad?

Todd: Ah, my dad. My dad is a nice guy. He is always happy, and he is a really good athlete. He is also a good cook like my mom. He is very funny and he makes everybody laugh. He is not serious about anything.

Aimee: Your family sounds very nice.

Todd: Yeah, I love them a lot.


Present Tense
Subject Pronouns + Be + Noun

First Person / Singular
I am a teacher.
I am not a student.

Second Person / Singular
You are a student.
You are not a teacher.

Third Person / Singular
She is a doctor.
She is not a nurse.

Third Person / Singular
He is a cook.
He is not a waiter.

Third Person / Singular
It is a desk.
It is not a table.

First Person / Plural
We are a soccer team.
We are not a baseball team .

Second Person / Plural
You are students.
You are not teachers.

Third Person / Plural
They are friends.
They are not enemies.

Subject Be + Noun
I am (not) a cook.
You are (not) a nurse.
She is (not) the boss.
He is (not) a coach.
It is (not) a desk.
You are (not) together.
They are (not) a team.
We are (not) friends.

Answer the following questions about the interview.