Grammar 2-02 | False Beginner | CEFR A1

Simple Present

Listen to a conversation using the simple present tense.

Aimee: So Todd, tell me about yourself. What do you do?

Todd: Well, I am a teacher. I live in Japan, and I work at university. I teach English.

Aimee: Nice. When do you start your day?

Todd: I get up very early, around six, and I get to work at seven. I have my first class at eight-thirty. I don't get home until night usually.

Aimee: And what do you do for fun?

Todd: In my free time I go hiking. I like nature so I go to the mountains. I don't have much free time though, so I don't go hiking often.

Aimee: Where do you live?

Todd: I live in a small house. I live alone. I do not have many things in my house. I rarely spend time at my house.

Aimee: Why not?

Todd: Well, at night I go to the gym or I play sports, but I clean my house on Sunday, so I'm home then.

Aimee: Do you cook?

Todd: No, I don't cook much. So I buy my dinner every night.

Aimee: And how do you get around?

Todd: I have an old car. I drive it a lot. I drive it to the mountains of the lake. I like my car, but I drive slow.

Aimee: Really?

Todd: Yeah, so people get mad at me on the road.

Aimee: Oh, no!

Todd: I don't care though. I want to take my time when I drive.

Aimee: That's safe. So Todd, you live in Japan, who visits you sometimes?

Todd: Well, I have a family in America and I see them once a year, but I go to America. They don't come here.

Aimee: When do you visit them?

Todd: I visit them every summer when the weather is nice. I don't go home in winter though. It is too cold.

Aimee: Nice.

Simple Present + WH Questions

Take a look at some questions and answers using the simple present.

(Q) What do you do?
(A) I work at home.
(N) I don’t work in an office.

(Q) When do you get to work?
(A) I get to work at 8.
(N) I don’t arrive until 8:30.

(Q) Where do go on the weekend?
(A) I play soccer in the park.
(N) I don’t stay at home.

(Q) Who do you talk to every day?
(A) I talk with my friends.
(N) I don’t talk with my sister.

(Q) How do you get to work?
(A) I drive to work.
(N) I do not take the bus.

Simple Present + Y/N Questions

(Q) Do you live close to here?
(A) Yes, I live down the street.
(N) No, I live far away.

Short Answers
(A) Yes, I do.
(N) No, I don’t.

do not = don’t

Answer the following questions about the interview.