Grammar 1-05 | True Beginner | CEFR A1


Listen to four conversations using adjectives.

Man: Let’s talk about animals and adjectives.
Woman: Sound good!
Man: First, what animal is tall?
Woman: Giraffes are tall.
Man: Yes, they are tall. What other animals are tall?
Woman: Horses are tall.
Man: And fast. Horses are fast!
Woman: Yes they are.
Man: So what animals are slow?
Woman: Turtles are slow.
Man: Yes, they are very slow.
Woman: A sloth is slow too.
Man: Yes, I think so.
Woman: What animals are big?
Man: Elephants are big.
Woman: Hippos are big too.
Man: Yes, and they are also heavy.
Woman: Yes, hippos are very heavy.
Man: Now, what animals are long?
Woman: Hmm, aligators are long.
Man: Yes, and so are snakes.
Woman: Ew! Snakes. Yes, they are long.
Man: So shat animals are quick?
Woman: Well, a cat is very quick.
Man: Yes, and a mouse is quick too.
Woman: Right, mice are quick.
Man: So, what animals are cute?
Woman: Well, many animals are cute.
Man: For example?
Woman: Well, dogs are cute.
Man: Yes, and rabbits are cute too.
Woman: And penguins are cute.
Man: Yes, they are. You know, I think all animals are wonderful!
Woman: I agree! All animals are wonderful!


Adjectives are words that describe things.

Point 1: Adjectives can go after a 'be' verbs.

My class is fun.
My teacher is nice.
Math is interesting.

Point 2: Adjectives can go before a noun.

I have a big house.
That is a nice bag.
He is a good teacher.

Point 3: You can put adjectives together.

Two adjectives

He is smart and funny.
She is kind and friendly.

Three adjectives

She is tall, strong, and fast.
The test was hard, long, and boring.

Answer the following questions about the interview.