Grammar 3-02 | High Beginner 3

Simple Present - Third Person Singular

Listen to four short conversations using the present simple tense in the third person singular.

Conversation #1
A: What does Bob do?
B: He works at a hospital.
A: What does he do there?
B: He’s a doctor. He specializes in sports medicine.
A: That sounds like a great job.
B: Yeah, he loves it.

Conversation #2
A: Where does Mary live?
B: She lives in the countryside.
A: That sounds nice.
B: Yeah, she loves it. She has a farm and she raises horses.
A: Wow, that’s so cool.
B: Yeah, she also grows her own food. She has it all!

Conversation #3
A: How does Sue stay so fit?
B: She works out all the time.
A: It sure looks like it.
B: She also watches what she eats.
A: Does she follow a special diet?
B: Yes. she doesn’t eat sweets and she doesn’t drink alcohol.

Conversation #4
A: What does this machine do?
B: It shreds paper.
A: How does it work?
B: Just put paper here and it shreds it. It’s easy to use.
A: How does it stop?
B: It stops on its own after it finishes shredding the paper.

Simple Present - Third Person Singular

The third person singular form refers to men, women and things in the singular form, just one person or thing.

You need to add an /s/ to the verb or auxiliary verb /do/. See the examples below.


(Q) What does she do?
(A) She works at a bank.
(N) She doesn’t like her job.

(Q) Does she work near here?
(A) Yes, she does.
(N) No, she doesn’t. (does not)


(Q) Where does he live?
(A) He lives near the beach.
(N) He doesn’t own a car.

(Q) Does he have children?
(A) Yes, he does.
(N) No, he doesn’t.


(Q) What does it do?
(A) It helps people with math.
(N) It doesn’t need batteries.

(Q) Does it cost much?
(A) Yes, it does.
(N) No, it doesn’t.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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