Short Answers | So, Too, Neither, Either

Alex and Meg are trying to agree on what to have for dinner.

Alex: Hey Meg, I'm getting hungry. What are we going to have for dinner tonight?

Meg: Let’s go out. I can't be bother to cook. How about Mexican? I love Mexican.

Alex: So do I but I had it only yesterday. I haven't had Greek in a while though.

Meg: Neither have I but it is so expensive and it’s almost end of the month.

Alex: Hmm, true. Well, lets do fast food. I don’t usually have that.

Meg: I don’t either and it is cheap. Let's do it, and we can have ice cream afterwards. You know how crazy I am about ice cream.

Alex: Mmm, me too. Well, great idea. Let’s go.

Grammar Notes

Point 1: We use 'so' and 'too' to agree with positive statements.
  1. I love rabbits.          So do I/I do too.
  2. I am hot.                   I am too/So am I.
Point 2: We use 'neither' and 'either' to agree with negative statements.
  1. I don't eat pork.       Neither do I
  2. I can’t play golf.       I can’t either.
Point 3: Note that 'so' and 'neither' come at the start of a response and 'too' and 'either' at the end of a response.
  1. I can’t see his car.    Neither can I.
  2. I don’t like opera.     I don’t either.
  3. I love karaoke.         So do I.
  4. I am over fifty.          I am, too.
Point 4: Note the short answer when disagreeing.
  1. I love clubbing.         I don’t.
  2. I can’t sing.               I can.
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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
so do I • I can too • neither can I • neither am I • I don't either
  1. I can't swim. .
  2. I like goat's milk. .
  3. I am not married. .
  4. I don't like tennis. .
  5. I can play guitar. .