Adverbs of Frequency | Always, Almost Always, Usually

Listen to Ann talk about her typical week.

I am quite an energetic person and like to play sports and exercise. I always go for a short run in the morning and then I usually relax over a cup of coffee before getting ready for work. At work we have a tennis league and I sometimes have a match to play on Thursdays. I'm not very good at tennis though and hardly ever win. In the evenings, I often go to the gym on the way home and I almost always do some weights. I never use heavy ones though. I also don’t like the cross trainer and almost never use it. However, I do love a sauna after and if I have time, always relax in it after a long workout.

Grammar Notes

Point 1: We can use adverbs of frequency to modify a verb to indicate how often we do the thing.
  1. I always play golf on Sunday.
  2. I never eat ice-cream.
Point 2: Adverbs of time and relative strength.
  1. Always (100%)
  2. Almost always
  3. Usually
  4. Often
  5. Sometimes
  6. Hardly ever
  7. Almost never
  8. Never (0%)
Point 3: Adverbs of time can be used immediately in front of the verb.
  1. Thomas almost always paints in the evening.
  2. I never stay out late.
Point 4: 'Sometimes' can start a sentence. 'Sometimes' can also end a sentence but it is rare.
  1. Sometimes I read before I sleep.
  2. I read before I sleep, sometimes.
Answer these questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
sometimes • always • almost never
almost always • never
  1. I drive to work. I do not have a car or a license.
  2. She calls her mother after dinner. They talk every night.
  3. We watch TV. Maybe only two or three times a year.
  4. I brush my teeth before bed, but sometimes I forget.
  5. They play soccer on the weekend, but it depends on the weather.