First Conditional: If

Paul and Tina discuss winning some money on tomorrow’s lottery.

Paul: Hey Joe, are we still playing soccer on Sunday?

Tina: Well, it depends on a few things. We need permission to use the field, so I need to check on that. If by chance we get permission to use the pitch, I'll send out an invite to all the people who want to play. Then, if we get enough players, we'll have a match at 2 pm at Rec Field.

Paul: OK, that sounds good, but what happens if we can't use the pitch?

Tina: Well, if that happens, I'll try to get an alternative field. I was thinking of the that park on the East Side of town.

Paul: Yeah, I've played there before. It's alright. But if we play there, we'll all have to drive. That's a long ways away.

Tina: Yeah, I know, I was thinking of that, so if we have to play there, I'll see if we can use the company van to transport everyone.

Paul: OK, yeah, sounds good. Fingers crossed. So, is your husband going to play?

Tina: He wants to, but we need to find a baby-sitter for our son. If he can find a sitter, he'll come. If not, he'll have to stay at home.

Paul: Well, here's hoping!

Grammar Notes

Point 1: The first conditional refers to the future when there is a chance of the thing happening.
  1. If it rains, I will go out tonight.
  2. If you win the next race, you will have a fair chance of winning gold.
Point 2: The 'if' clause can start the sentence with the result following it. Usually there is a comma between them when writing.
  1. If I see Mary, I will tell her the bad news.
  2. If we can pass these exams, we will be happy.
Point 3: The 'if' clause can come after the result. There is no comma when writing.
  1. I will tell Mary the bad news if I see her.
  2. We will be happy if we pass these exams.
Point 4: We can use 'can' or 'may' instead of will.
  1. I may tell Mary the bad news if I see her.
  2. If you are a good boy, you can stay up late tonight.
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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
I fail • she has time • you are free • it gets hot • it rains
  1. If , I will turn on the fan.
  2. My teacher will be angry if .
  3. I will see my boss tomorrow if .
  4. If , you can come too.
  5. I may not play football tonight if .