Grammar 5-11 | Intermediate | CEFR B2

Adverbs of Quantity

Listen to a short conversation about cooking.

Woman: So I'm thinking of making breakfast for everybody. What food do we have?

Man: We have a lot. What do you want to make?

Woman: Maybe an omelet. Do we have eggs?

Man: Oh, yeah, we have plenty of eggs. We have lots of eggs.

Woman: Maybe, how about a pancake? Do we have pancake mix?

Man: We don't have any pancake mix, so we need to buy some.

Woman: OK, how about sugar? Do we have sugar?

Man: We have some but enough. I think we need more sugar. We should buy some more.

Woman: We also need milk. Do we have milk?

Man: No, we don't have enough milk. We have very little milk.

Woman:Ah, we need more milk then.

Man: Definitely.

Woman: Do we have any bacon?

Man: We don't have any bacon.

Woman: No bacon!

Man: No, but we have ham. Can we use ham?

Woman: Maybe.

Man: Yeah, even the ham is kind of small. We don't have enough, so if you want to have meat, bacon or ham we need to buy more.

Woman: OK, we've got to have coffee right? Do we have coffee?

Man: No, we're almost out. Yeah, there's definitely not enough coffee. We need to buy coffee.

Woman: We need to buy coffee. How about juice? Do we have any juice?

Man: Actually, we have lots of juice. We need to get rid of the juice. We have too much juice.

Woman: We have too much juice.

Man: Yeah, we have like three cartons in the refrigerator.

Woman: That is way too much juice.

Man: Way to much.

Woman: That's good. How about some syrup for the pancakes? Do we have syrup?

Man: Yeah, we have a lot of syrup because we never make pancakes. We have two bottles of syrup still in the cupboard.

Woman: Brilliant, so we don't need any syrup.

Man: No, no syrup.

Woman: OK, and how about so cleaning up? Do we have any dish soap?

Man: I think we have a little but it's not enough. I think we need more.

Grammar Notes

Point 1: We use any in questions for plurals and uncountables.
  1. Are there any bananas?
  2. Do we have any eggs?
  3. Do we have any milk?
  4. Do we have any cheese?
Point 2: We use any in negative statements for plurals and uncountables.
  1. We don't have any bananas.
  2. There aren't any eggs.
  3. I did not buy any milk.
  4. I do not see any cheese.
Point 3: Notice the quantifiers from low to high quantity for plural nouns.
  1. We have a lot of grapes. (High)
  2. We have many grapes.
  3. We have some grapes.
  4. We have a few grapes. (Low)
Point 4: Notice the quantifiers from low to high quantity for non count nouns.
  1. We have lots of cheese. (High)
  2. We have a lot of cheese.
  3. We have some cheese.
  4. We have a little cheese. (Low)
Point 5: We use enough when the supply of something is more than what is needed.
  1. Do we have enough cheese?
  2. Yes, we have enough cheese.
  3. No, there is not enough.
  4. We don't have enough. We need more.
Point 6: Notice the use of these words - more, plenty of, and left - to express extra quantify.
  1. Do we have any more milk?
  2. No, we need some more.
  3. Is there any more juice left?
  4. Yes, there is plenty of juice. More than enough.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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