Grammar 5 | Intermediate | CEFR B2

Present Perfect Continuous

Listen to a short conversation between old friends.

Dave: Anne, is that you?

Anne: Dave, what a surprise! I haven't seen you since the reunion, like four years ago.

Dave: Has it been four years? Man, time flies. So, what have you been doing these days?

Anne: Nothing exciting. Recently I’ve just been working and trying save money for a new car. I've been having lots of trouble with my car, so I've been saving every dollar I can. It's been tough though.

Dave: Yeah, I know how it goes. Keep trying though.

Anne: Thanks, I will. So, what about you? What have you been up to?

Dave: Actually, I've been doing well. I recently got a new job and .... I got engaged. I am getting married this April.

Ann: Wow! I never pictured you as the married type. Congrats to the lucky girl. So, who have you been dating?

Dave: Rosa, you remember her. She went to high school with us.

Ann: I do remember her. Rosa. Wow! So how long you been going out?

Dave: About three years. We've been living together for two.

Ann: Wow! What a surprise. That's great. I"m so happy for you.

Dave: Thanks. Would you like to come to the wedding?

Ann: I'd love to.

Grammar Notes

Point 1: We ask questing in the present perfect continuous when we see a friend for the first time in awhile.
  • How have you been doing?
  • I've been doing good.
  • What have you been doing lately?
  • I've been going to school.
Point 2: When something is ongoing over a long time, we use the present perfect continuous.
  1. My company has been losing money.
  2. We have been struggling.
  3. We haven't been doing well.
  4. We haven't been selling many products.
Point 3: We use the present perfect continuous for recent actions as well.
  1. Where have you been?
  2. I've been working in the basement.
  3. I've been trying to reach you for hours.
  4. Sorry. I haven't been checking my phone.
Point 4: Notice the difference between past continuous and present perfect continuous.
  • Where have you been?
  • I was working outside. (I am not now)
  • Where have you been?
  • I've been working outside. (I am still working)
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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