Grammar 5 | Intermediate | CEFR B2

Relative Pronouns

Listen to three conversations using relative pronouns.

Conversation #1

Man: Who is this party for?
Woman: Tim. He's the guy who I was telling you about.
Man: Refresh my memory. Is he the guy who opened the new cafe.
Woman: No, that's Larry. He's the guy who just moved in the house down the street.
Man: Oh, the house that has that huge garage.
Woman: Yes, that's the house and that's the guy.

Conversation #2

Man: So, where do you work?
Woman: I work for a tech company that makes business software.
Man: Really, what kind of software do you make?
Woman: We build tools that help companies manage their money.
Man: Really. My company, which deals with that sort of thing, might be interested.
Woman: Great. Let me give you my card.

Conversation #3

Man: Do you know whose desk this is?
Woman: I think that is Joan's desk.
Man: No, that's Joan's desk. The one that has two monitors is Joan's desk.
Woman: Hmm! Well then, I don't know whose it is then.
Man: Well, someone must know who sits here.
Woman: Right, someone. Just not us.

Grammar Notes

Point 1: Relative adverbs (when, where, why) act as adverbs. They connect clauses to verb phrases.
  1. Give me a time when you are free.
  2. Please tell me the reason why you did that.
  3. We ate at a diner where you cook your own food.
Point 2: Use when to define a time something happens.
  1. Evenings are a time when I relax.
  2. Do you know a time when he is free?
  3. He gave me a list of when the court is available.
  4. Do you know the date when he will be here?
Point 3: Use where to define the place something happens.
  1. I want to go to a place where it is quiet.
  2. It is a nice cafe where you can unwind.
  3. I went to a shop where they sold rare clothes.
  4. Is there a park where I can walk my dog?
Point 4: Use why to define a reason.
  1. This is (the reason) why you need to be careful.
  2. Can you tell me (the reason) why he said that?
  3. I don't know (the reason) why.
  4. I want to know (the reason) why you are late.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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