Grammar 5-5 | Intermediate | CEFR B2

Correlative Conjunctions

Listen to short conversations using correlative conjunctions.
Conversation #1

Man: Is Bob coming to the party?
Woman: Yes, both he and his wife are coming.
Man: What about Joe and his wife?
Woman: Neither Joe nor his wife can make it.
Man: Oh, that’s too bad.
Woman: Yeah, it is rare when all of us are together.

Conversation #2

Woman: What can I use to make a website?
Man: I would use either Blogger or Wordpress.
Woman: Which one is better?
Man: It depend whether you are making a simple site or a complex site.
Woman: I am making a simple site.
Man: Then I would use Blogger.

Conversation #3

Man: Do know whether Jack or Sally will give the next presentation?
Woman: It will be Sally I think.
Man: Why not Jack, or Jim for that matter?
Woman: Both Jack and Jim are not as experienced as Sally.
Man: True, they are both newbies.
Woman: Yeah, they will be ready to do it soon.

Conversation #4

Man: I hear both Jill and Sue will quit soon.
Woman: What will they do?
Man: I am not sure. I think they will either get a new job or go back to school.
Woman: I am really going to miss Jill.
Man: Yeah, neither the office nor the company outings will be the same without her.
Woman: So true!

Subordinating Conjunctions of Condition

Subordinating conjunctions of condition show how one action depends on another action.
  1. I will call you if I am late.
  2. If you feel sick, you can stay home.
  3. As long as you exercise, you will stay in shape.
  4. I cannot buy a house year unless I win the lottery!
If shows a condition. One action depends on another action.
  1. If it rains, we will not play tennis.
  2. We will not play tennis if it rains.
  3. If you help me, I can pay you.
  4. I can pay you if you help me.
Unless shows a condition. One action depends on another action. Unless is similar to if .. not.
  1. Unless you study, you cannot pass the test.
  2. If you do not study, you cannot pass the test.
  3. Do not call me unless you are serious.
  4. Do not call me if you are not serious.
As long as means if but it often shows a negative consequence to an action.
  1. As long as we leave now, we can arrive in time.
  2. We can arrive in time as long as we leave now.
  3. We will play tennis as long as it does not rain.
  4. As long as it does not rain, we will play tennis.
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