Grammar 4-07 | Low Intermediate | CEFR B1

Future Continuous

Listen to two people talk about what life might be like in 100 years.

Life in 100 Years

A: What will people be doing in 100 years?
B: That’s an interesting question.
A: Will people still be driving cars?
B: I think people will still be driving cars.
A: Really, I don’t think we will.
B: Oh yeah! How will we be getting around?
A: People will be flying small planes or aircraft.
B: That would be cool!

A: Where will be people living in 100 years?
B: I think more people will be living in the country.
A: Really, not in the cities!
B: No, I think more peope will be living off the land, and growing their own food.
A: I doubt we will be doing that.
B: You never know!

A: We schools still be using text books?
B: Yes, but on rare occasions.
A: What will we be using instead?
B: We will be using chips in your head.
A: Oh, that sounds freaky.
B: Trust me. People will be doing this.

A: Will people still be getting married?
B: Yes, but they won’t be having weddings.
A: What will they do instead?
B: I’m not sure. Just something different.
A: Well, we won’t be standing anymore, so we’ll never know!

Future Continuous - Grammar Notes

Point 1: Wh-Questions of present continuous.

(Q) Where will we be living in 100 years?
(A) We will be living on the moon.
(N) We won’t be living in space.

(Q) What will we be driving in 100 years?
(A) We will be driving flying cars.
(N) We won’t be using petrol.

Point 2: Yes / No Questions of present continuous.

(Q) Will be learning languages?
(A) Yes, we will (learning languages).
(N) No, we won’t (be learning English).

(Q) Will be using computers?
(A) Ye will (be using computers).
(N) We won’t (be using computers).

Point 3: Use the adverb still to show something will continue into the future.

(Q) What will people still be doing in 100 years?
(A) People will still be raising families.
(N) People won't still be using dictionaries.

(Q) Will people still be driving cars?
(A) Yes, we will still be driving cars.
(N) No, we won’t still be driving cars.

Point 4: Use probably or likely to show somethng might be true in the future. Use hopefully for something you want to be true.
  1. We will probably not be using oil.
  2. People won't likely be watching TV anymore.
  3. People will probably be living longer.
  4. Hopefully, we won't be having wars.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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