Grammar | High Beginner 3

Present Continuous - Future

Listen to four short conversations using the present continuous to discuss the future.

Conversation #1
A: Why are you leaving early?
B: I’m going to the dentist.
A: Why? Do you have a toothache?
B: No, I’m getting my teeth cleaned.
A: Well, if you are leaving early, I’m leaving early too.
B: Fine with me!

Conversation #2
A: What are you doing tonight?
B: I’m meeting my mom for dinner?
A: Oh! Where are you going?
B: We are going to the new Thai restaurant. Join us!
A: Thanks, but I can’t. I’m playing futsal tonight.
B: Well, maybe next time.

Conversation #3
A: What classes are you taking next term?
B: I’m taking math and history.
A: Nice, I’m taking math too!
B: Who is teaching the class?
A: Prof Smith is teaching it.
B: Oh no, I hear he is hard!

Conversation #4
A: What is going on tonight?
B: Bill is having a party.
A: Oh, really! When and where?
B: He’s having it at his house. It is starting at six.
A: Who is going?
B: Everyone’s going. You should come!

Grammar Focus

Future Plans
We often use the present continuous for plans we do not expect to change.

Example 1
(Q) What are you doing tomorrow?
(A) I’m working until noon.
(N) I’m not doing anything after that.

Example 2
(Q) When is she getting here?
(A) She’s arriving at six.
(N) She’s not coming alone.

Example 3
(Q) Where is he going?
(A) He’s going home.
(N) He isn’t coming back.

Example 4
(Q) Why are they quitting?
(A) They are moving to New York.
(N) They aren’t leaving until June.

Example 5
(Q) Are you coming to the party.
(A) Yes, I am. I’m bringing my friend.
(N) No, I’m not. I working that night.

Answer the following questions about the interview.