Grammar 3-15 | High Beginner 3

Much / Many

Listen to four short conversations using counters for nouns.

Conversation #1

Man: Do you like cream with your coffee?
Woman: Yes, but not too much.
Man: What about sugar?
Woman: Yes, I like my coffee sweet.
Man: How many sugar cubes?
Woman: Two should be enough.

Conversation #2

Man: Do we have any lettuce?
Woman: Just a little, but not much.
Man: How about tomatoes?
Woman: We have a few. Why?
Man: I want to make a salad.
Woman: Could do. We have lots of cucumber and a few onions.

Conversation #3

Man: Let’s make an omelet. How many eggs do we have?
Woman: A dozen. We do not have much oil though.
Man: It’s OK, we have some cooking spray. Do we have any cheese or ham?
Man: We have some cheese but not much ham I’m afraid.
Woman: That’s OK, I can use tomatoes.
Man: Great, we have too many and they will spoil soon.

Conversation #4

Man: How much honey do we have?
Woman: Not much, but some.
Man: How many bananas?
Woman: We have a few I think. Why?
Man: I want to make a sandwich.
Woman: With bananas and honey?

Grammar Focus


(Q) How many bananas do we have?
(A) We have many.
(A) We have some.
(A) We have a few.
(N) We don’t have many.
N) We don’t have any.


(Q) How much milk do we have?
(A) We have a lot.
(A) We have some.
(A) We have a little.
(N) We don’t have a lot.
(N) We don’t have much.
(N) We don’t have any.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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