Grammar 2-04 | False Beginner | CEFR A1


Listen to a talk about a town.

Topic 1 - My town

Todd: So, are the people nice in your town?
Aimee: Yes, there are many nice people. Everyone is friendly. There are not many young people though.
Todd: Oh, why not?
Aimee: They move away. There are not many companies here, so there are not many jobs. There are many jobs in the city, so young people move there.

Topic 2 - Nature

Todd: Well, is there a lot of nature in your town?
Aimee: Yes, there' s a lot of nature. There are lots of trees and green spaces.
Todd: What about parks?
Aimee: There are many parks in town, so there are many places to see nature or play sports.
Todd: Oh, how nice.

Topic 3 - Weather

Todd: And is the weather nice in your town?
Aimee: The weather is good. There is a lot of sunshine. There isn’t much rain.
Todd: How are the summers?
Aimee: It is very hot in summer and there is a lot of humidity in July and August.
Todd: Oh, no. What about winter?
Aimee: It gets cold in winter, but the town does not get much snow.

Topic 4 - Safety

Todd: So, is your town safe?
Aimee: It is a safe place to live. There isn’t much crime. There aren’t many bad people who live here.
Todd: Oh, that's good to hear.
Aimee: Yeah, also, there are lots of police, so everyone feels safe.

Topic 5 - Shopping

Todd: How is the shopping in your town?
Aimee: The shopping is not great. There are not many places to shop, actually.
Todd: You don't have a mall?
Aimee: There is a small shopping mall, but there are not many interesting shops there.
Todd: Oh, that's too bad.
Aimee: There is a nice mall with many nice shops in the next town though.
Todd: Oh, that's good.

There is / There are + Quantifiers

Countable / Singular ( a / an )

Is there a park?
Is there a mall?

There is a park.
There is a mall.

There isn't a park. / There is no park.
There isn't a mall. / There is no mall.

Countable / Plural ( any / some )

Are there any shops?
Are there any schools?

There are many shops.
There are a lot of schools.

There aren't many shops. (aren't many = a few)
There aren't any schools.

Uncountable ( any / some )

Is there clean air?
Is there lots of rain?

There is a lot of clean air.
There is a lot of rain.

There isn't any space.
There isn't much rain.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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